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"The brain sometimes explodes with so many ideas and never stops thinking"


Work of the Catalan artist MiloS Gras

Since I was 24 years professionally dedicated to art. I did my first exhibition in 1980.

Without realizing I observe everything that is around me and affect me in any way, it stays in my subconscious or conscious, and becomes something completely different. It is a natural process that is part of my life, I do it almost unconsciously without realizing it, according to the requirements of each moment and each time, because a lot of times influence.


Graduated in applied arts and crafts, specializing in: Sculpture and Ceramics - Jewelry and Jewelry. Escola Massana in Barcelona.


Since 1983 is engaged professionally in the arts. For many years has been dedicated to research in ceramics and sculpture, in search of new shapes, dimensions and expressions that have been embodied in his works.

He has made large murals, some of them over 25 m2 for official institutions, savings banks, banks and lobbies companies.

The sculpture, painting, jewelry and precious metals are artistic activities that link the idea of ​​Milos Gras when creating the real world.


Commemorative mural for the City of Igualada (Barcelona).

Mural dedicated to the poet J. Boloix Canela and as a source of funds in c / Sta. Anna.

Wall Street to a building Anglí (Barcelona).

Mural on building the pharmacy Llambí (Barcelona).

Mural for the company Vives Vidal (25 m2).

Mural for the company Fibad (25 m2).

Mural in private house in San Sebastian (12 m2).

Mural for the geriatric Caixa Penedes (28 m2).

Mural Caixa Penedès Vallbona.

Mural Caixa Penedes Vilanova.

Several murals in private homes of different sizes.

Individual and collective exhibitions.

Piece tribute to the Cultural Merit by the journalist Ignacio Castelltort.

Piece tribute to the broadcaster Jesus Enrique.

Sculpture tribute dedicated to film director Rovira Vane.

150 lithographs by the Catalan Institute of Women.

Lithographs by different companies.

Art Contest in Japan (Japan).

Selected international exhibition in the museum Long Beach Museum of Art Los Angeles (California).

Exhibition International Design Symposium in Japan.

The exhibition Suteering International Committee of Tokyo.

He participated in the video for Gaudí artists.

Parade of more than one hundred pieces of jewelery entitled "From the beginning of our time into the future."

Project and realization by the Agbar Group to mark the 140th anniversary.

Drawing classes in different public and private institutes.

Piece selected for the parade of creative trends in jewelry Madrid. Commissioned a sculpture for S. A. R. Prince of Asturias.

Taking a gem for the Foundation for FIDEM S.A.R. Princess Letizia.

Completion ceremony integrating the letter Brossa.

Presentation of a jewelry collection to Saks (New York).

He participated with an international sculpture exhibition devoted to Dalí (Madrid).

Toulouse Exhibition by the Association of Architects of Madrid and the Center for Architecture et de la Ville de Toulouse, Instituto Cervantes.

Exhibition of a collection of furniture-sculpture presented at Casa Thomas Domenech i Montane (Modernist architect of the time). The opening ceremony was chaired by the Vice President of the Government of Catalonia Ms. Joana Ortega.

Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, USA and Asia.


1985: Selected for Museum Long Beach Museum of Art, Los Angeles (California).

1986: Finalist in the International Prize Barnajoya.

1986: 1st prize of the Spanish Association of Gemology.

Milos Gras tribute to his career.


Eaves included in the dictionary.

Book "111 Contemporary Artists."

Book "International Dolmen Dali."

Video "Gaudí for artists."

Book "Journal of Even."

Book "Enamelling Art in Japan".

Book-National Catalogue of Art.

Member of Arts Promotion FAD.

Member of the International Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs FIDEM.

Member of the Spanish Association of Directors AED.


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